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Guy de Maupassant

Sicilian Recipes

Special Sicilian recipes are prepared by care and originality by the owner and chef Filippo, coming from the Messinese area. In Sicily we eat very well, as you know, and you can find at Scaletta the best hors d’oeuvres, first, second courses and desserts very similar to the original recipes, enriched in the same time by Filippo personal touch. Just to start, we can remind you the “cuzzola”, special home made fried focaccia, always served before the meal, while people are consulting the menu. And then, you can start with first courses home made by fresh pasta , like spaghetti with sardinas and wild fennel, made by a special mix called “panuria”, with parmesan , grated bread and Sicilian spices, added to raisins and walnut. As for fish courses, we have special red Sicilian tuna tagliata where fhe fresh fish is just smoked in soy and sesame sauce; fresh swordfish bundles in the messinese style, filled with mozzarella and panuria wood-fired. Wonderful purple golden eggplant rolls filled with buffalo ricotta, fresh majoran and tomato and basil sauce. Last but not least, we offer our special home made dessert: starting from the very typical Sicilian Cannoli, to the wonderful Sicilian Cassata.