Eating is a necessity, cleverly eating is an art.

La Rochefoucoult

Sicilian cannoli

150 g. flour
1 egg
15 g. powdered bitter cacao
Frying oil
25 g. di butter
500 g. fresh sheep ricotta cheese
300 g. sugar
Powdered sugar
Vanilla essence
150 g. drops of dark chocolate
Candied orange

Put the flour in a wide container and lay the butter in the center; then add the egg, cocoa, marsala wine and salt and knead with your hands until you obtain and elastic pasta although not excessively soft, which must rest in the fridge for two hours.

In the meanwhile you can sieve the ricotta cheese adding the sugar and vanilla essence melting to obtain a cream, in which you will add chocolate drops.

Roll out the dough in order to obtain thin pasta. Cut some squares with the knife. Roll the square on the cannoli shaper joining the endings very well. Fry in abundant hot oil until they become dark gold. After draining, put them to get cold on bleaching paper.

Draw the cannoli out of the shapers and fill them with the ricotta cream, laying them on a tray. Decorate with a slice of orange and spread with powdered sugar.