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Rolled swordfish at Messinese style

600 g thin sliced swordfish
100 g. fresh cheese
Grated bread
2 spoons grated parmesan
1 onion
2 spoons chopped parsley
Extravergine olive oil
Pantelleria capperi
Salt and pepper
Long toothpick for skewers

Take the swordfish slices and put in its center a mix composed by fresh cheese aromatized by parmesan, parsley, cappers and pepper, roll very well the bundles and try to close the endpoints so to avoid the mix to outgoing.

Than stick the skewers and roll them in the panuria made by grated bread and parmesan, parsley and some pepper, in order to cover all surface. Put the bundles poured with little oil in a pan; cook them in the oven for about 20 minutes at 180°.