Get used to eat everything, if you don’ t want to become regrettable to your family.

Pellegrino Artusi


4 purple eggplants
1 yellow pepper and 1 red pepper
2 celery sticks
1 garlic slice
1 tropea onion
200 g. olives
Frying oil
4 spoon of white vinegar
2 spoon of sugar
1 spoon Pantelleria cappers
Fresh tomatoes sauce
Salt and pepper

Let drain the clean eggplants and cut them in slices. Lay them in row in a colander with some salt for about 20 minutes. Later cut them in big cubes, roll them in the flour and fry in boiling oil. Let them get dry on blotting paper.

Make the onion, the garlic, the celery and the sliced pepper sauté with capperi and olives. At the end add  tomato sauce. Fix with salt and pepper and cook, finally add the sauce to the fried eggplants. Dissolve sugar in the vinegar and pour it in the eggplant sauce until it is evaporated. You’d better eat this dish when it’s cold