The story of Filippo is the one of an ambitious man, full of ideas and values. The fourtheen year old boy story who left his beautiful Sicily with his cartoon suitcase towards Milan, the working , cold and foggy town of northern Italy, thankful for all the people who are eager to live it and above all for those who love working hard.

That cartoon suitcase hardly became a luggage full of experience and course after course, restaurant and restaurant after, between Lombardia, Liguria,Toscana and overseas experiences, he finally opened in 1987 his first restaurant of his own in the central Milano, “ la nuova Osterietta”, in Casati street. In 1995 he boarded the area near Bergamo, with two contemporary openings, “La scaletta” and “la rosa verde” in Capriate. The success was immediate.

Due to a fail in the renewal of the rent in 2005, he moved to the historical centre of Bergamo, substituting “ la Taverna del Gallo” while in the same time he was renewing the structure in Capriate of La scaletta Café. In 2007 he could made the opening of the modern and enlightenining house of the actual La scaletta Café signed by Filippo, where day after day , thanks to his passionate love for cooking, he transform the simple ingredients of typical Mediterranean diet into flavourable unforgettable COURSES.